Whether you call it mold removal or mold remediation, your home should be safe from intrusive infestations that can make you sick. Mold spores travel in the air and grow on your surfaces at an alarming rate. Mold can be so persistent that at one time or another in our lives we just sprayed with a bleach product and let it be. We watched it turn white then transparent and believed that it somehow dissolved away when we weren’t looking. But, when the mold came back, it came back in the exact same spots that it was before. That has to make you wonder if it was ever actually gone the last time. It encroaches upon our bathrooms, kitchens, basements, attics, floorboards and carpets because once the spores are in high enough numbers within your home, and there is plenty for them to feed on in just the right humidity, you would be hard pressed to get rid of it on your own. It is highly likely that the mold spores are throughout your ventilation, carpets, closets, and other hidden spaces and need to be professionally extracted in order for your home to truly be rid of the infestation. Mold removal isn’t just a one spray, one minute job, it takes high grade equipment, solutions, and protective gear to remove it from your surfaces including your food and the indoor air that you breathe daily. If it could be making you sick, don’t you want it gone?

Mold removal is a multistep process that can include an entire day if not several days in a severely affected home. First, the moisture, humidity and food source for the growths have to be eliminated. Second, isolate the affected areas from the remainder of the home, especially if you will be living there during the clean up. Third, the moisture has to be extracted from the growths in order to remove it from your surfaces. Lastly, disinfectants and anti-fungal solutions will be applied as well as a filtered vacuum for air quality improvement. Your ventilation system will need to be cleansed as well in order to prevent further growth in the future. Furniture, clothing, food, and parts of your home’s construction may have to be removed in order to completely protect your home’s future.

After a true mold removal process, you should truly be able to see and feel the difference in your home. There will be no temporary bleached out spots or threat of return the very next week. You will be able to notice the difference in the air quality, your quality of sleep and the cleanliness of your surfaces. Mold removal is thorough and successful and it takes time to conquer the stubborn pestilence of mold.