Black mold is a dangerous fungus that can harmful to both your home and your health. Because it is often hard to determine the specific genus of mold, it is best to treat all contaminated areas carefully and safely. Here is some of the most important information to arm yourself with, when it comes to mold removal and your health. Black mold is a type of the stachybotris mold and is also known as stachybotris atra. It is characterized by greenish black or yellow stains, and grows in dark and humid places. It is a dangerous type of mold, which can have many negative health effects.

It is important to detect and remove this type of mold as soon as possible, because it can greatly affect the health of the residents who are living in an infected home. People, who come in contact with this mold, can have many side effects such as infections, allergies, and even organ failure in severe cases.

Before you attempt to remove black mold, you have to detect all the areas where it has spread. The difficult part is that mold always grows in dark, damp places, which can be quite hard to reach. Therefore, you have to keep an eye out for any signs that indicate mold growth. Mold has a musty odor, which can be detected, so do not ignore any such odors in the house. Also, areas with mold growth often have greenish yellow stains, so do not ignore such discolorations around the house. Remember that mold grows is humid and dark places, so some of the common areas of growth are bathrooms, basements and air conditioning vents.

Once you have detected where the mold is growing, you can attempt to remove it. There are many mold removal products, which are easily available in the market such as bleaches and acids, and these are very effective for this purpose. If you are attempting this yourself, then remember that black mold is very dangerous, so always wear protective gloves and face masks. Such small preventive steps can help in creating healthier environment.

There are often certain problems which cause mold to grow in the house such as leaks, flooding or inadequate air flow. If these problems go unnoticed for long, they can cause mold to grow. Also, if you do not fix the core issue, there are chances that mold will grow again, even if you remove it at once. Therefore, make sure to eliminate any such issues, which may be the cause of mold growth in your home.

Once you have detected and removed all traces of black mold, use mold resistant pastes and paints on the infected areas. This will make sure there are no future growths, and your home is safe and protected from this nuisance.